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Games and sports are an integral part of a student’s life. At Whiteplains  students study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. But, they also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life.

Coding Club

CODING CLUB, also known as THE KID ENTREPRENEUR  is an initiative designed to give teenagers a platform to create technological solutions to common global challenges of developing nations.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Each term, we publish bi-weekly after-school activities with a full program to ensure our children’s enjoyment.  Sometimes, children have difficulty making a choice as they have so many activities to chose from. 

Whiteplains British School is a leading and reputable institution of learning with value added and quality educational services with a corporate credo effectively discharging professional educational standard. WBS was founded in 2007 by a group of entrepreneurial minded persons within and outside Nigeria some of whom were either related by school experience or family ties.


Swimming in Schools increases opportunities for students to develop swimming and water safety skills to reduce their risk of drowning and injury. Readmore


The inclusion of drama in the curriculum is poised at giving the average student/pupil  a leverage as it pertain to extra-curricular activities that has in the actual sense of it positioned a lot of youngstars on the world map. Readmore

Literacy & Debating Club

In literacy & debating club, we train student on the following;  *The act of public speaking  *To develop the confidence to stand and speak boldly and fluently  *To learn different writing skills  Readmore

Sports & Physical Activities

Physical activities are a common form of recreation and a source of well-being, and are key to improving physical fitness and physical and mental health. Readmore

Cultural Activities

In the Culture in the School program, students can have active and participatory cultural experiences in the classroom. They may have opportunities to meet with artists, writers and representatives of professional cultural organizations. Readmore

Community Activities

Community activities give students the opportunity to better know themselves, to open up to others and to gain a better sense of belonging to their community. Readmore

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